Our training courses are designed to make the participants capable of building their own vision systems.

Scorpion Training provides a practical, hands-on learning experience that covers everything from planning and organizing your projects to developing and shipping a high-quality professional vision solution.

To ensure that you fully leverage the incredible power of Scorpion Vision Software, you have the flexibility to choose from two training options:

  • Onsite Training

  • Classroom Training

The courses are frequently arranged by Scorpion Distributors and System Integrators. All training material is found on the Scorpion CD.


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Become More Productive and Efficient

Whether you are a new or an experienced Scorpion user, you will learn about many new Scorpion features as well as powerful features that you have not yet discovered. Armed with this knowledge, you will become more productive and efficient at work by completing your vision projects on time, or even ahead of schedule. This will also allow you to take your application to market faster and become more competitive.

Produce Higher-Quality Work

Quality is the number-one request from customers. Let our expert trainers show you not only the mechanics of all the features and benefits Scorpion has to offer, but also insight on how to use them most effectively to create high-quality Scorpion projects.

Learn From The Experts At Your Convenience

All Scorpion Training courses are presented by qualified Scorpion Vision Software personnel. These instructors have in-depth knowledge of Scorpion and have successfully implemented vision systems in a factory environment.

Valuable Courseware and Reference Materials

All Scorpion Training courses include excellent reference materials with step-by-step tutorials and tips and tricks that can be used over and over again.


A comprehensive set of training tutorials are available at Scorpion Support Web.

Onsite Training

Receive quality training at your company site when our Scorpion support personnel come to you. It is a convenient and cost-effective way for groups of minimum 5 students to learn the ins and outs of Scorpion Vision Software.

Classroom Training

The practical, hands-on learning experience allows you to explore the ins and outs of Scorpion Vision Software in detail. A two days Introduction and Two Days Advanced Training Course are arranged regularly.

Two Days Introduction


Learn how Scorpion Vision Software can reduce cost and secure production quality.

Build a vision system step by step through hands on examples. Get tips and techniques from the creators of Scorpion Vision Software. Relevant demonstrations and examples from quality control and robot guiding are shown.

The Introduction training is well suited for persons responsible for production, quality control or factory automation. The course is also ment for system integrators and industrial automation companies using vision.

Two Days Advanced Training

Intensive hands on training with the best of Scorpion Vision Software experts. Examples from real life quality control and robot guiding.

The advanced training is suited for Scorpion Vision Software users in industrial automation.