Starter Kits


The Scorpion Starter Kits contain everything you need for bringing your first Scorpion project to life. All kits include a Scorpion Software license and a 2 days training course where you learn how to use Scorpion Vision Software.

A standard and configurable user interface paired with innovative and easy-to-use imaging tools quickly enables participants to plan, implement and test complete Scorpion applications ready to communicate with control systems.


Bring your own notebook and return to the production site with a framework well suited for your particular real-world application. No programming skills are required, but general engineering knowledge and modest experience with photography issues such as light assessment and lens manipulation will smooth the start up phase.


The following Scorpion Starter Kits are available:

3D Machine Vision Educational Kit

The Scorpion Vision Software 3D Educational Kit is intended for colleges, high schools and universities. It is perfectly suited for learning about vision and ideal to solve both the simplest and the most advanced vision tasks.