Scorpion Vision Software is packed with features and details making it easy to develop and maintain robust Machine Vision systems without any programming.


Enjoy the benefits of an immense and proven toolbox with more than 150 components and tools when creating your innovative machine vision applications.


Customise applications smart and expeditious with the flexible user interface and Python scripting.


Scorpion Vision Software is the perfect companion to Sony Smart cameras, digital cameras with USB, Firewire and GigE interfaces as well as 3D image sensors.

One Solution for all Vision Systems.

Choose between a small form factor with the Sony SmartCam, a standard PC or the power of an industrial PC with Raid and multi-core technology.


It is very cost effective benefitting from the processing power of the Intel processors, low cost and high quality Firewire cameras and the possibility of connecting multiple cameras to one PC. 


Every single feature is specified, implemented, tested and verified based on experience obtained on the factory floor.


Download Product Data, 5,2 Mbyte pdf, to see all the Scorpion Vision Software features.