Scorpion Vision Software is a powerful, flexible and extremely expeditious system software tool for industrial vision. The most advanced 2D and 3D solutions are made without any kind of programming.

Scorpion Vision Software is used in a vast variety of industries; automotive, robotics, wood, furniture manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical, packaging, energy, photovoltaic and more.


It solves tasks within robot vision, label and surface inspection, assembly verification, quality control, colour identification and high precision gauging.



Download: Scorpion Brochure - 728 kByte pdf
Download: Scorpion Product Overview - 3,3 MByte pdf

Scorpion Vision Software is a family of products

  • Scorpion Lite - for simple tasks replacing sensors

  • Scorpion Basic - for colour processing and assembly verification

  • Scorpion Premium - for high precision gauging, robot vision and label inspection

  • Scorpion Vision Server - running multiple camera systems on quad core server 

  • Scorpion Maintenance - for maintaining and testing profiles on a separate computer

  • Scorpion Image Sentinel - automatic image capture, database access and image saving
  • Sony Scorpion SmartCam - configurable machine vision in a small form factor