Solution Providers

We cooperate with experienced solution providers knowing the field of automation and machine vision integration.

Global Solutions

Tordivel AS -

We provide OEM-solutions globally


Impec (N) -

IMPEC is a global supplier of equipment and technical solutions for the aluminums industry.

Nordic Countries

Tordivel AS (N) -

We provide OEM-solutions globally


AH Automation (S) -

Operates in the field of industrial automation


Graniten Engineering (S) -

Development through engineering


Feed Control (N) -

Provides Fish Pellets detection for the Fish Farming Industries


Dansk Styringsteknik A/S (Denmark) -

Development, implementation and maintenance of control and automation systems.


Tronrud Engineering (N) -

Putting ideas into practice in the fields of industrial automation and purpose-built machinery.


Maskon (N) -

Plans, constructs and produces solutions in the area of machine construction and automatisation for the manufacturing and fish farming industries.


Dynatec (N) -

Optimal Automation and Food Processing


nLink (N) -

nLink AS is a robotics R&D company located in Sogndal, Norway.




Orion Automation (UK) -

A great machine vision solution provider in UK


HDS-Group GmbH (D) -

Plans, constructs and produces solutions in the field of vision systems, automation and robotic for the industry.


Fuchs Engineering GmbH (D) -

Machine Vision System Integrator


Softartis (Lithuania) -

Provides training and Scorpion Solutions and Development Services in the Baltic countries.


USA and Canada


Leoni (USA - Michigan) -

A very competent Scorpion Vision solution provider




Software Ventures (India) -

Provides training and Scorpion development services in Asia