Our distributors have deep knowledge in vision.

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Tordivel AS - www.scorpionvision.com

We are currently searching competent machine vision distributors and sales partners globally.

We can find a suitable Distributor or Scorpion Solution provider for you.

Contact us to organize a good solution to fit your needs.



Scorpion Vision Limited (UK and Ireland) - www.scorpionvision.co.uk

Our partner in UK - selling scorpion vision software products and solutions.


Laser 2000 (Germany) - www.laser2000.de

Solutions matching even your most demanding applications.


Polytec (Germany) - www.polytec.de/bv

Your gateway to the world of electro-optical instrumentation excellence.


Isotron Systems (Netherland) - www.isotron.nl

A value-adding supplier of systems and components in the field of industrial automation.


Softartis (Lithuania) - www.softartis.com

Distribution in Baltic countries



USA and Canada

Bock Optronics (US and Canada) - www.bockoptronics.ca/

Scorpion Vision Software distributor.


Tordivel AS (US) - www.scorpionvision.com




VIEWRUN Co,. Ltd. (Korea) - www.viewrun.co.k

Scorpion Vision Software distributor.


AD Science (Japan) - www.ads-img.co.jp

Scorpion Vision Software distributor.


Asio Vision (Israel) - www.asiovision.com

Scorpion Vision Software distributor.


Software Ventures (India) - www.software-ventures.com

Provides training and Scorpion development services in Asia



More than 15 years providing smart vision solutions and components such as software, high performance cameras, optics and illumination for machine vision, robotics and smart surveillance applications.